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Thompson Sanitation Offers Single Stream Recycling

Thank you all for your continued patronage throughout the years. During the past couple of years trash and now recycling have been much talked about subjects. With the need to close the existing landfill, came the need and expense to build an appropriate transfer station to handle our need to ship our solid wastes to alternate disposal sites. With much thought and planning, Sullivan County has nearly completed the construction of this new ultra modern transfer station adjacent to the existing now closed, landfill in Monticello.

This new facility will enable us to quickly and efficiently off load the collected wastes in a controlled environment out of the weather in a closed building. This procedure reduces odors and faster off loading means less truck idling time which improves air quality. This new transfer station is scheduled to be in full operation by January 1st, 2011.

The best part of the new facility is that it will allow us to institute single stream recycling in Sullivan County. Single stream recycle (SSR) simply stated means:

The process for residences, business and institutions is easy to understand. The commodities that can be recycled will remain basically the same, with some welcome additions. The highly automated sorting process, operated by Hudson Baylor Corp. will allow all these clean recyclable items to be stored and transported together without separation. You can find a link for Hudson Baylor plus lots more info on our website at Please post the attached flyer for easy reference.

We at Thompson Sanitation are excited to be the front runner in Sullivan County recycling. We are the largest residential/commercial and institutional recycler in Sullivan County. We are sure that the easier method for recycling will increase the amount that everyone recycles. We stand ready to meet all your needs in solid waste removal for many years to come.

From residential and commercial trash and recycling systems, planning and pickups to construction and clean up roll off containers and compactors, Thompson has the knowledge and ability to do it all. Please visit our website or call our offices for more information and assistance with any of these matters.
100 % Customer Satisfaction is our goal.
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